Unpolished White Marble Pebbles for Garden Decor

  • Bring the fantastic view for your potted plants nd fish tank, make your home look more vivid and bright with this multicoloured pebbles. This Colourful stones and pebbles are made of raw stones, hence they are non-toxic, attractive and aquarium pet friendly, helps to recreate the look and feel of natural habitats.
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  1. You can use pebbles to fill an empty area and give it character, as well as bring a natural feel to the place. By varying size and colour of individual stones, you can create arresting and beautiful designs and patterns. Your imagination is the only real limit to the possibilities.
  2. Used for decorating home and parks, Landscaping, Wall Cladding/Aquariums, Garden Walks / Pathways Suitable For Fish Tank/Aquarium, Garden, Lawn, Table And Flower Vase
  3. White Stones are the perfect accents for candles, vases, floral arrangements, fountains, and more! Also great for use in craft projects. Plus, earthy tones match most any decor. Use decorative pebbles as a feature in exterior landscapes, in planters and in all creative interior and exterior design.
  4. Contains - 1kg White Stone