Premsons Colorful LED Light Shoes Light Up Shoes for Men & Women Fashion Casual Shoes Blue (Size 43)

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Product Description


These shoes are amazing, and if you have ever wanted complete strangers to pay you a lot of compliments, you need these shoes! These shoes are great for wearing out when you go dancing and fun for party like birthday, Halloween and Christmas. You will get stopped all the time & asked where do you get these sneakers from. The fit was on point as well. The colors are very nice too. If you buy these as I suggest you do, the compliments will fly & so will conversations, eye stares, finger pointing, strangers walking up to you and may ask you about the sneakers. You can wear them on multiple occasions with no problems, it is safety even on the rainy day. The shoes sole are waterproof, but we do not suggest you wear them on any occasions with water so that the light can be used for a long time. There is a button on the inside outer side of the shoes that you press to change the color and settings of the shoes. The different steady colors are red, green, dark blue, yellow, light blue, purple and so on, then you have a slow flash that changes colors each time it flashes. You simply press the button to change the color or setting and to turn them on and off. Each shoe is individually controlled so you could set each shoe to a different color if you wanted. Now you really have the perfect color shoes for every outfit! The shoes also come with a charging cable that will plug in and charge both shoes at the same time. They are fast to charge on first time & recharge as well. You only need charge them for about 2-3 hours when the light is dim, it can light up for about 7-9 hours. We do not suggest you wear the shoes when they are charged.

Bullet Point

There is a switch on the inside of the shoe close to where the USB connection is. So you have a chose one of 7 color for lights along with turning them completely off.

Do not wear this shoes when you do strenuous exercise lest damaging the Led light and electronic cables.

Slowly plug in and pull the USB line while charging.

The led shoes can be used 7 to 9 hours when charging 2 to 3 hours. Do not exceed 3 hours charging time lest the led light is broken.

Shoe has 7 Static Colors and 5 Color Changing Modes: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Aqua, White & Color Changing

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