Eternia Wardrobe Scented Sachet (Cool Breeze)

A quick, easy way to keep your wardrobes smelling fresh and lovely is to use the Eternia Wardrobe Sachets. You can even freshen small places in the bedroom and bathroom by placing these sachets in drawers, closets and travelling bags. Enjoy the subtle fresh fragrance in your laundry room, storage room, car or kitchen!
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LOVELY FRAGRANCE - The sachets keep clothes and linens smelling clean and fresh. Place in a drawer, hang from a hanger or hook in your closet using the attached hook. AROMATHERAPY - Calming and relaxing, the aroma sachets can be used for aroma therapy to nourish and stimulate the body and soul. MULTIPLE USE - Can be used for drawers, closets, cupboards, laundry baskets, wardrobes, luggage bathroom, car, long or short term storage. UNIQUE GIFT IDEA - Each sachet comes in beautifully designed bag with a long lasting fragrance that would make for a perfect gift for any occasion. GREAT VALUE - The wardrobe sachets are the perfect size - . Each sachet is individually wrapped to preserve freshness.
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