Mon Cheri Hand Sanitizer Refreshing Gel for Soft Hands Germs - 40ml

  • When we step out of home, our hands touch common surfaces like elevator buttons, cab doors, train handles or grocery carts that are a breeding ground of bacteria & viruses. However we don’t always carry water & soap with us. That’s why we bring Eternia hand sanitizer for you, so you can carry anywhere anytime.
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  • This Mon Cheri hand sanitizer give you protection and safety to ensure upto 99.99% Germ Protection. Use this hand sanitizer to prevent the spread of bacteria and virus.
  • This Mon Cheri hand sanitizer gives you instant germ protection without water. This Mon Cheri hand antibacterial sanitizer gel has glycerine, that leaves your skin feeling fresh & supple.
  • Apply enough hand sanitizer gel on your palm. Spread and rub over the back of your hands thoroughly and fingertips until completely dry.
  • Helps in maintaining hand hygiene in public areas like office, school, gyms, malls where frequent handwashing may be difficult.
  • Maintain good hand hygiene for your and your loved one with the help of this Eternia Mon Cheri hand sanitizer.