Eternia Te & Cedro Reed Diffuser Bottle with Rattan Reed Sticks

INGREDIENTS & USE: A custom blend of an Te & Cedro essential oils. Alcohol free and eco-friendly. This diffuser is amazing, It’s so refreshing and clean. Just insert the reed sticks inside the diffuser bottle. Fragrance oil is gently diffused through natural sticks, giving any space a fresh, long-lasting, continuous scent into the air. Best Used in- living area, bedroom, drawing room, lobby, washroom, office, restaurants & hotels. FRAGRANCE NOTES: Te & Cedro essential oils designed to vitalize and refresh your senses and help you de stress after a long day. Te & Cedro is a natural relaxant and stress reliever. CONTENTS: A refillable reusable glass bottle of (150 ml) fragrance oil, decorative cap and natural 10 Rattan Reed Sticks. Our unique ingredient slowly releases the scent for 6-9 months. ATMOSPHERE: Our reed diffusers can help lift mood and create a serene atmosphere. Our scents work in harmony helping to reduce stress and fatigue. Among other aromatherapy properties, Te & Cedro is thought to lift mood as well as help with headaches. PERFECT GIFT : Perfect for a birthday, house warming, wedding, teacher gift, diwali, valentine's, new year, birthday,christmas, baby shower, anniversary. Our apothecary glass bottle combined with our soothing fragrances makes the ideal luxury gift for everyone.
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Soothing and transcendent with notes and a balsamic, woody undertone. A custom blend of eucalyptus and essential oils designed to vitalize and refresh your senses and help you de-stress after a long day.Every object you see inside the bottle is meticulously placed there by hand. Decorated with real eucalyptus stems all in a pretty diffuser set that can fill a room with worry-free fragrance. Concentrated and highly effective.The elegant Fragrances Collection of Reed Diffusers will transform your home into a fragrant spa retreat. Using the science of aromatherapy, our scents are expertly blended to soothe, uplift or restore. Stunningly styled, pleasing to the eye and with mouth watering fragrances to choose from, there is no doubt that our creations make a positive addition to any home. Fragrances understand that home fragrance is a very personal choice with an enormous power to enhance the home and we thank you for your support of our small business. Be sure to check out our Store front for more revolutionary home fragrance and spa products.
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