Dizzy Face Emoji Earphone Holder Storage Case - Yellow

This storage case is especially designed for earphone, key, jewelry and other little things. It can be hanged anywhere that is convenient for you. It is ideal for outdoor activities Perfect to storage your lovely headphones or USB cable. Small size to fit easily in pockets, purses bags, etc.It is round in shape.
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1. Round earphone case will give you good protection for your earphones or other small accessories when going out or traveling.Simple and easy to carry in your bag,purse and anywhere you need. 2. Hard carrying case protect your stuff away from wet, dirt and dust.Portable and light weighted. 3. Multi-functional for carrying earphones earbuds, coins, money, USB cables, battery, memory card, jewelry, keys, cosmetic item and other little things. 4. This emoji earphone holder storage case is yellow in colour which has a dizzy face made on it. 5. It can be gifted to anyone one in the family or friends or anyone. This earphone holder looks more energetic to use.
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