Premsons, established over 80 years ago is one of the most premier retail stores located at Breach Candy in Mumbai. Our heritage store is like a second home to most who value exclusivity, premium quality and uniqueness.

Premsons today is more than just the sum of its products - it's a shopping experience that promises to surprise, amaze and amuse its customers by delivering extraordinary customer experiences.

Thought-provoking, unconventional and fearlessly creative: at Premsons we have always sought to do things a little differently. For us, luxury isn’t merely about a price tag; it’s something that can offer real value to all.

Join us as we explore what makes Premsons so special...

1. Making a spectacle

Premsons window displays back in the early 1900s were the talk of the town. The theatricality, scale and even the fact that these were one of the first store windows to be lit at night meant crowds gathered around them at all times of the day.

2. The theatre of retail

Live music, dancing, festive parties, fancy dress competitions, amazing interactive displays and more: Premsons brought true theatre to the shopping experience.

3. The style spotlight

Elan, elegance and glamour - the Eternia Lines of 1991 featured the crème de la crème of Bombay and truly gave a platform to the concept of fashion in Bombay.

4. The experiential wonderland

Unprecedented skylights, one of a kind crystal walls and edgy displays appear in the store designed to hint at our nonpareil modern and contemporary style.

5. Art de vivre

Maintaining the legacy of our brand, defining style and creating desire now and forever - we bring the world to you.