Eternia White Lotus Wardrobe Scented Sachet

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Product Description

Product description

A quick, easy and affordable way to keep your wardrobes smelling fresh and lovely is to use the Eternia Wardrobe Sachets. You can even freshen small places in the bedroom and bathroom by placing these sachets in drawers, closets and travelling bags. Enjoy the subtle fresh fragrance in your laundry room, storage room, car or kitchen!

Bullet Point

  • Our fragrance sachets are a stylish way to delicately scent your home. Use it in suitcases, drawers, cupboards or even your cars. Sachet contains Vermiculite powder which absorbs essential oils and gently releases fragrance into the air. They are ideal for fragrance small spaces
  • It gives your house a warm and earthy feel
  • Available in Jasmine/ Rose / Lemon Grass / Floral bloom fragrance ,it is a beautiful melange of apple with warm cinnamon undertones
  • Each sachet comes in beautifully designed bag with a long lasting fragrance that would make for a perfect gift for any occasion.
  • The wardrobe sachets are the perfect size – Each sachet is individually wrapped to preserve freshness.

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