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Premsons Plastic Wall Hooks Stand with 6 Hooks (1 Piece)(colours may vary)

This simple wall hanging hook stand adheres to tiles, glass, stainless steel, wood surfaces and is a multipurpose tool for hanging cups, towels, clothes, utensils and more household items. Ideal for kitchen and bathroom, the stand has 6 uniform-spaced plastic hooks with double-lined stainless steel hook tips which gives it a strong, durable holding capacity. Product Features:- Plastic Hook Stand Adheres To Tiles, Glass, Wood, Stainless Steel Surfaces. Ideal for Bathroom and Kitchen, It Adds To The Décor of The Home Space. Conveniently Hang Hand Towels, Cups, Utensils, Cutlery Etc. Uniform-Spaced Plastic Hooks with Double-Lined Rust-Proof Stainless Steel Hook Tips. Package Includes 1 Pc Self-Adhesive Plastic Hook Stand with 6 Hooks.

599.00 299.00